Quality Policy

Gandara Chile S.A. is a company that provides services as General Suppliers for the Maritime, Fishing and Industrial sectors; a company that permanently seeks to satisfy all the requirements and expectatives of its customers, balancing cost effectiveness with excellence in quality.

To comply with the above declaration:

  • We use a Quality Management System that provides all the necessary tools to achieve the continuous improvement of our processes.
  • The Management and all the staff of our company are committed with the Quality Management System.
  • We care for the opinion and concerns of our clients, for which we are continuously evaluating their level of satisfaction and we apply timely corrective measures when it is necessary.
  • We maintain an effective communication with our suppliers.
  • We develop and encourage the qualification and competence of our personnel through training workshops and planned trainings.
  • We maintain an atmosphere of pleasant labor relations and observe the security measures of our service.

The compliance of our quality policy should allow us to be recognized as a leader in the market of quality, timeliness and reliability in the provision of our services.